Kino MacGregor Weekend February 2018

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Kino MacGregor Weekend February 2018


Kino MacGregor will be back for her 3rd event with our amazing community.  The last two events SOLD OUT so don't hesitate too long in signing up!

$295 Early Registration
$325 Full Registration


Friday 2.9 - 6:00p to 8:00p

Vairagya: Mindful Movement:
Learn a new paradigm for your practice where less effort equals more
results. Drop into the inner body and discover healing, quietness and
wisdom. Start off with a meditation and end with a deep flow practice.
This class is the antidote to the goal-oriented mindset. Understand
what it means to practice with non-attachment and be in a fully
surrendered state. This class is an impartation of the most subtle
teachings of yoga.


Saturday 2.10 - 10:00a to 12:30p

Just Practice:
A practice session with Kino built around technique, vinyasa and fun.
Learn the anatomical alignment for each pose and apply the knowledge
immediately in this exploratory practice. Topics covered vary with
each session. Each class is designed to give you just the right dose
of inspiration and challenge. If you practice with Kino online you'll
know exactly what to expect. Appropriate for all levels.

Saturday 2.10 - 2:30p to 4:30p

Hip to Be Square: Love, Accept and Open Your Hips
Accessing the deep release and openness that hip rotation requires is
a unique combination of anatomical knowledge and inner peace. Join
this class to learn the right information and, more importantly, the
right frame of mind to hip opening from. Gain access to the deep
muscles within the pelvis and learn to relax and release your hips. Be
ready for a deep journey into the inner body complete with a detailed
muscular and skeletal technique and the subtle body of emotions and
energy. Learn how to create the safe space of patience, kindness and
tolerance in the deepest regions of the pelvis and watch your hips


Sunday 2.11 - 10:00a to 12:30p

Ashtanga Yoga Full Primary Series:
Surrender to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method with careful
emphasis on the traditional vinyasa method and have fun along the
journey. Experience the integrity and purity of the Ashtanga Yoga
practice and be  prepared to sweat.

Sunday 2.11 - 2:00p to 4:30p

Be Strong:
True strength in the journey of yoga begins with a decision to never
give up. Enjoy challenging yourself to exceed your limits as you try
fun arm balances, powerful lift-ups and develop a strong mind. Leave
with solid technical instructions that unlock the keys to the strength
poses of yoga. This class shows you how to practice safely and
effectively along the inner path of strength. With a brave heart and a
tenacious spirit the impossible becomes possible. Learn what it means
to truly be strong and expect to sweat!

NOTE: All Sales are FINAL so please ensure you are available to attend the event prior to registering. Although registration is final you are free to sell or give your pass to someone in your place.


2210 N Pacific St

Seattle, WA  98103

United States



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